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Team Personal Best Event Organiser Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions 
    1. Any person wishing to post an event on our website www.teampersonalbest.org (our site) must understand their obligations under, and accept these terms and conditions, and the terms of use of, our site.
    2. Team Personal Best (we / us / our) is a brand division of England Athletics Limited, operating in partnership with UK Athletics and the organisers of the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships London 2017. The purpose of the partnership is to drive participation in athletics-themed events as part of the Inspiration Programme before, during and after the World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Championships in 2017. The Inspiration Programme is an umbrella programme of activities aiming to harness the impact of hosting the Championships in London and convert that impact into long term participation in grassroots athletics.


Branding Guidelinesthe Team Personal Best branding guidelines from time to time;
Event(s)running or athletics related event(s) [in the United Kingdom] which are posted on our site,
Event Organiser / youthe person or organisation wishing to post details of an Event on our site;
Participantan individual who uses our site to identify Events.



These terms and conditions shall apply to you when an Event you propose is approved by us and posted on our site. They shall no longer apply when you have no Events posted on our site.


    1. If you would like to submit an Event for posting on our site, you must complete the online submission form.
    2. When submitted, we will consider the content of the proposed Event and will, in our absolute discretion, decide whether such Event will be posted on our site.
    3. If you want to make any alterations to the content of the Event after it has been posted, you will need to contact us at info@teampersonalbest.org and (in our absolute discretion), we will make any reasonably requested changes.
    4. The Event will be removed from our site by the 30th September 2017.
    5. We retain sole and absolute editorial control over the contents of our site and accordingly shall be entitled to withdraw from our site (or refuse to include on our site) immediately and without the need for prior notice to you or any Participant, any Event which in our reasonable opinion infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, is inaccurate or is otherwise contrary to any applicable law, regulation or rule, or may otherwise damage or have a negative impact on our reputation.
    6. We shall notify you as soon as reasonably practicable in the event that we exercise our rights to withdraw or withhold the Event from our site and shall allow you a reasonable opportunity (and if reasonably practicable before withdrawing or withholding such consent) to provide a replacement or amended Event details provided that doing so does not result in us breaching our obligations to adhere to any applicable law, regulation or guidance. 

Fees for Events

Where a fee is chargeable for an Event, the fee cannot be managed through our site. Details in relation to any applicable fees must be submitted within your application to post an Event.

Your Obligations

  1. You will operate the Events and fulfil your role as Team Personal Best Event Organiser in accordance with the terms of Team Personal Best Branding Guidelines;
  2. Either you are trained to an appropriate level of first aid or you will procure that an adequately qualified person will be in attendance at any Event;
  3. You have followed the appropriate Welfare and Safeguarding procedures at least to the scope and standard of Team Personal Best partners - which can be found on the England Athletics website www.englandathletics.org/welfare;
  4. You shall ensure all communication with Participants are completed in a timely and prompt manner, to a professional standard, and in accordance with the Branding Guidelines;
  5. You shall ensure that all Events are carried out with all reasonable care and skill and to the standard reasonably to be expected from a professional organiser and operator of public events;
  6. You shall comply with these terms and conditions and any programme operating standards in force from time to time;
  7. You will not do anything which may bring Team Personal Best, England Athletics Limited, UK Athletics and/or the organisers of the World Para Athletics Championships and the IAAF World Championship London 2017 into disrepute.
  8. You warrant, agree and undertake that: You agree to indemnify and keep each of Team Personal Best, England Athletics Limited, UK Athletics and the organisers of the World Para Athletics Championships and IAAF World Championships London 2017 indemnified against any losses suffered as a direct result of a breach of your obligations under these terms and conditions.


For such time as you have an Event posted on our site, we grant you a revocable licence to use our branding in accordance with the Branding Guidelines.

Use of Access Information and Personal Data

    1. In this term 8 the terms "personal data", "sensitive personal data", "process" and "data subject" shall have the meanings given to them in the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the DPA").
    2. For the purposes of these terms, we are the data controller.
    3. We shall comply with our obligations as a data controller under the DPA and, when implemented, the General Data Protection Regulations (together “the Data Protection Legislation”).
    4. You shall not access or attempt to access or process in any way any personal data on our site except relevant personal data about Participants who have contacted you in relation to an Event (“Participant Personal Data").
    5. You shall process Participant Personal Data solely for the purposes of administering and providing the Event, including by contacting Participants and as otherwise required for the proper running of the Events.


    1. In the event that a complaint is received about your activity as a Team Personal Best Event Organiser or in any way in relation to an Event you shall send a copy of such complaint to info@teampersonalbest.org.
    2. In the event that a complaint is made by you in relation to your role as a Team Personal Best Event Organiser, the Terms and Conditions, an Event or any related matter whatsoever, such complaint should be addressed initially to info@teampersonalbest.org.

Termination and Consequences of Termination

You will cease to be an Event Organiser if:

    1. You have no Events posted on our site;
    2. You commit a material or persistent breach of your obligations which under these terms and conditions or our website terms of use if capable of remedy shall not have been remedied within fourteen (14) days of written notice to do so; or
    3. You are unable to pay your debts as they fall due or you are the subject of a bankruptcy petition, or enter into compulsory or voluntary liquidation or compound with or convene a meeting of your creditors or have a receiver, manager, administrator or administrative receiver appointed in respect of your assets (or you are subject to a similar event or set of circumstances in the country where you principally carry on business) or you cease for any reason to carry on business; or
    4. Team Personal Best ceases to exist.

On cessation of your role as an Event Organiser:

    1. Team Personal Best shall be entitled to take down any Event information;
    2. You shall immediately cease to use Team Personal Best branding in any manner whatsoever.


    1. Entire Agreement.  These terms and conditions, together with the website terms of use and our privacy policy constitute the entire agreement between us.
    2. Variation.  Team Personal Best shall have the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time by service of not less than 30 days' notice on you and unless you notify us otherwise at info@teampersonalbest.org,  you will be deemed to have accepted any such modification.
    3. Law and Jurisdiction.  These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and any issues arising shall be dealt with only by the English courts.

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